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Generally people who have lords of dasa and antardasa happening to be placed in even mutable signs often show this tendency particularly when the planet has very weak strength. Mutable signs experience the sense of multiple selves, and sometimes struggle to feel real and solid in themselves. Their sense of identity is loose, and like a kaleidoscope, always changing. But over time, a core sense of self emerges, based on this changeability, but transcending it, too.

You are now running Venus Dasa, Rahu(Behaves like Jupiter) antardasa both are placed in mutable even signs and Venus has a very low residential strength of some 7% which aggravates the situation. You will get over this problem by about September 2014 when you start having Jupiter’s antardasa who is in a cardinal sign and quite powerful too. Be warned that you do not get beaten up by someone in this process.

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