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Your Moon, mars and Mercury are very weak as detailed below.

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 62.78 10.90 89.10 Malefic
Moon 5.12 45.50 43.53 Benefic
Mars 5.04 35.78 35.31 Benefic
Mercury 5.90 61.75 27.76 Benefic
Jupiter 92.72 32.82 55.10 Malefic
Venus 87.08 29.23 63.24 Malefic
Saturn 42.63 54.88 26.88 Benefic
Rahu 32.75 35.78 35.31 Benefic
Kethu 32.75 29.23 63.24 Malefic

These have resulted in a poor 2nd house with a strength of 23.70 and 4th house with a 30% strength which causes all the impediments.

I personally think that your future for higher studies are not that bright. It would be better to seek proper career opportunities in which you will definitely succeed since you have a moderate strength for your career house.

Anyway let us wait for the effects of the recent transits of Jupiter and Rahu/Kethu. Recite Narayanakavacham daily which you can download from the internet. Also read my articles on this site.

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