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Navneet Khanna

Hi Alexia,

You arein the main period of Venus and sub period of Mercury. Venus is the planet for romance, sex and love while Mercury is the planet for intelligence. It is certain that marriage is very much on your mind. However strong chances of marriage are in 2015. However it is very likely that you already know him. Intimate connection from your side are likely in this period. Saturn sign Aquarius rises in the 7th house and as Saturn is the planet for delays, it is likely to delay your marriage as well.
As the native is under the influence of Saturn he will look mature that his age. Saturn natives are physically hard and strong and have a very helpful nature. As Saturn represents determination and sincerity, these people are generally very sincere to the ones they love. yet they are very independent and free thinking people. They may be fond of alcohol but Saturn and alcohol are big enemies and the native will only harm himself by taking intoxicants.


Navneet Khanna

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