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Soumyadeep Saha

Actually I take a medical break for few days and joined the new company and work around 7 days so this are the Pros & Cons #

Pros #
1) Good Salary Hike
2) Good growth
3) New Vertical so there is a learning scope

Cons #
1) As this vertical related to transport segment for office commuters so there is always a case around with accidents in road and legalities so there is a lot of involvement of Police Matters which I actually don’t like it.
2) Org structure is not defined .., whom to report , whom to contact etc..
3) Lot of vehicle vendor related issues.
4) Limited work life balance

Old Company Pros #

1) Friendly work environment
2) Good Product
3) Work Life Balance is good

Cons #
1) Salary Growth is less

My heart says to be with Old Company & Brain ( Mind) says to go with new company

Please guide me the right path.