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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Now ,it has become a big business for astrologers to fix a date
and lagna,so that boy becomes a billionnaire or a prime minister.
Astrologers are paid big amounts not for reading horoscope but
for fixing the caesarian surgery.
Doctors are finding it difficult to do that surgery for two or
three expecting mothers.
Nurses are acting as commission agents for astrologers and
advising pregnant mothers to go to a particular astroger
if they want a chief minister to be born in their house.

Writing marriage muhurthas,is not big business.
Now fixing time for caesarian surgeries ,has become a
big business.
Now comin to the quesion,the birth time alone has to be taken
into consideration even though it is a caesarian birth.
We dont know,when God wanted to give birth to the child.

It is not a new phenomenon. King Ravana tried to make Indrajit
born at a time when most of the planets are in 11 th house.
But it is said that Devas managed to delay the time by a
few minutes,so that Sani enters 12 th house.Indra jit was
born in Kataka lagna.