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Reply To: career and marriage


Navneet Khanna

Dear PP,

First of all I see there are many people post in the same thread and it gets difficult to make out what is happening. Therefore please post new questions in the New forum Post to avoid confusion.

Regarding your questions, kindly note that you are in the main period of Rahu and the sub period of Saturn, Saturn fortunately for you is the Yogakarka planet for Libra Ascendant and posited in the 2nd house of Dhanbhav, therefore you will see that despite you not having a proper job your financial obligation will be taken care someway or the other. Where as a person without a job is is severe trouble. The good thing is that better period for you begins this November and you will see vast improvement after April 2015. Regarding your marriage chances of love marriage are very much there in your horoscope. Chances are that it may be in the family or through family members only. Strong chances are before the 30th year of birth. If due to any reason marriage gets delayed then it will be in the 32nd year of Birth. Keep doing the remedies as suggested to benefit.


Navneet Khanna
Vedic Astrologer

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