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Reply To: career and marriage


Navneet Khanna

Dear Abhijit Roy,

Looking at your horoscope in detail Rahu is posited in the lagana and its Lord Mars aspects the lagana but is afflicted as it is close to the Rahu/ ketu axis. Such combination is likely to make you hasty, erratic and wild in your approach and behavior. Rahu in the lagan will also make you imaginative and you will suffer because of your hasty decisions and unthoughtful actions.

You will be a an extremist in your behaviour because of this planetary combination. If you love someone you will be fully devoted and sincere, and if you dislike someone you will hate the person to the core. You will not see if that breakage of relationship is going to bring you losses or not, but you let your heart overrule your emotions and do not think logically. It is something that you need to learn and it will be good for you in the long run.
Moon is the 4 house lord and siting in the 11th house which is in an inimical distance. Moon is the planet for emotions, sentiments and it is in an inimical distance in your horoscope in the house of gains. You need to focus more on controlling your emotions and thinking logically if you want to gain. Mercury the planet for intelligence is 6th lord and posited in the 8th house. Jupiter is the bhagesh in your horoscope and it is debilitated in the 10th house. Professional struggle is very much in your horoscope, but you make it worse with this approach. The day you stop being controlled by your emotions and think and act more rationally , you will find much better success in your professional life and satisfaction.


Navneet Khanna

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