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Reply To: Married life & Ruchaka yoga

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Thanks a lot Sir.

My horoscope seems to be quite interesting.

Two things caught my sight especially sir.

1- “”Mars own the 7th house of marriage and Mars is posited there forming the Ruchaka Yoga. The native will be energetic and active. The Scorpio women generally is found to have a very inquisitive mind. As this is the feminine sign of Mars, they can be egoistic and single tracked mind””

In this, the ruchaka yoga is for me, but the “SCORPION WOMEN” is used for my spouse or the Women of my type of horoscope? May be my understanding of english failed me this time, which generally doesn’t.

2- Sir, She will be loyal to the people she loves. but this creates a possibility of love either within marriage or even outside marriage. Which of the situations am I expected to face sir? Please enlighten the lad sir.

Thanks lot once again.

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