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Reply To: Married life & Ruchaka yoga

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Navneet Khanna

Venus is your Lagan lord and Mercury is the 5th house lord and both are conjoined in the 9th house, therefore you have a very inquisitive mind.

You have the Ruchaka Yoga and you as a Native will benefit because of strong Mars as is the planet for energy, initiative, courage. These qualities will be seen in your personality. However your 7th house is also ruled by Mars as Scorpio sign is posited there , therefore the traits of Mars and especially Scorpio will be there in your life partner as well.

Regarding your second query, love we are talking about general love and not within marriage or after marriage. That is a trait in Scorpio that they are highly faithful and emotional with the loves they love because Scorpio is the female sign of Mars and has female qualities for devotion and love.

I hope I have cleared your doubts now 😉


Navneet Khanna

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