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Have a look at your planetary dispositions

Planet Residential
Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 32.17 9.03 70.03 Malefic
Moon 84.67 63.00 29.55 Benefic
Mars 6.83 10.20 41.77 Malefic
Mercury 14.25 41.02 18.92 Benefic
Jupiter 88.28 20.55 69.57 Malefic
Venus 19.45 25.78 62.94 Malefic
Saturn 49.39 44.53 31.96 Benefic
Rahu 88.43 41.02 18.92 Benefic
Kethu 88.43 20.55 69.57 Malefic

Net 52.43

Moon,Jupiter,Saturn and Rahu have good Residential strengths, but only Moon, Saturn and Rahu are benefics in your charts.

Moon governs the professions of hoteliers, public relations people, moneylenders, housekeepers, physicians, healers, business in food industry, etc.

And if you prefer Rahu is personified as a diplomat and being a shadowy planet and a legendary deceiver, when disposed beneficially, indicates diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulations with facts, deals in poisons and drugs.

Saturn is personified as a statesman and leader of low castes and signifies jobs requiring hard work with less remuneration, leadership of workers, trying to acquire positions in government services, dealing with labor, labor oriented industry, routine workers, labor oriented jobs, engineers etc. The nature of Saturn is selfish and indolent.

You will succeed well in the above mentioned vocations, the choice is yours. Your Career house has a strength of 45% and the house of gains has a potency of 57.72%.

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