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Hereunder I am giving below the planetary dispositions.

Planet Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 94.72 13.60 62.46 Malefic
Moon 5.19 83.42 12.77 Benefic
Mars 54.35 10.90 89.10 Malefic
Mercury 7.80 60.77 3.03 Benefic
Jupiter 1.66 75.27 14.94 Benefic
Venus 0.02 40.10 49.13 Malefic
Saturn 13.60 53.53 40.19 Benefic
Rahu 88.89 53.53 40.19 Benefic
Kethu 88.89 13.60 62.46 Malefic

Net 39.46

Obviously with a weak Mercury, you might not be quite successful in the software profession for which you need to be having a strong Mercury.

Long distance travel will not bring you much benefit though it is present in your charts with rather fruitless outcome. So I do suggest to take up a career in a place familiar to you in your general neighbourhood.

Read my article “Scientific Evaluation of a Horoscope” on this website or on to get a better insight into astrology.

Your current Rahu mahadasa is rather potent till about 2020.

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