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Navneet Khanna

Yes it is an Open forum and names are not really important for preparation of the horoscope, unless you are looking for Numerology analysis. I suggest everyone to use correct Email Id because your email id is not visible to anyone. You provide your correct Date, Time and Place of Birth for Horoscope Analysis.

Also please note that the experts here are just voluntarily helping visitors on this Astrology Forum with this divine knowledge. Many times the readers are so casual that they are putting incorrect Birth information and then return back and request to have the horoscope read again.

I feel that this is being discourteous to someone who is helping you in finding solutions in your life. I know as an astrologer to read a horoscope in totality it can take even 1 hour. Sometimes I take as much as 2 hours for a full horoscope matching of charts which is full of Doshas, which others astrologers have rejected simply by reading the D1 chart and not going into any of the Divisional charts and when someone in the forum returns and says the Birth Time is incorrect, Im sure it is frustrating because the Astrologer has wasted a good one hour on something which is no use for anyone.

Therefore as our Astrology forum is there to help as much as possible, I request everyone to please input all correct information, except your name which is not important and if you want to hide your real identity that is ok with us. But kindly input correct information and email address when submitting your question in the Astrology forum.


Navneet Khanna

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