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Navneet Khanna

Looking at your horoscope in detail, it is that you are in the Mahadasha of Mercury whose Mooltrikona sign Virgo is in the 12th house. In Transit Rahu is posited in Virgo since 14 July and presently Mercury is conjoins with Rahu, only to increase the health issues. Mercury is the planet of confidence and with its conjunction with Rahu, you may take wrong decisions. The period till 08 July 2016 is not very good, this is the period in which Rahu will be in the 12th house. There will be relief after January 02, 2015 this is when Mercury will enter Capricorn, prior to that it will be in lagan for sometime before getting retrograde and will reenter Virgo and later become combust due to its closeness with the Sun. Regarding your Job it is to keep trying and certainly things will be better once Mercury moves out of the planetary pressures.

Doing the Mercury and Rahu remedies will truly help you during this period.


Navneet Khanna

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