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Reply To: should I marry him???

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There is a 91.86% match between your horoscopes.

However I must add that both have a poor horoscope with less than a net 40% strength and particularly your 1st,3rd, 4th and 5th houses are not potent enough. What these houses represent you can read in my article ‘Astrology – A new Version’ on this web site or on

The boy has a net residential strength for planets of 25.20%

Planet Residential Strength

Sun 82.69
Moon 39.45
Mars 5.69
Mercury 36.59
Jupiter 12.01
Venus 7.51
Saturn 39.32
Rahu 1.77
Kethu 1.77

Net 25.20

To your question, whether you should marry him, there is a very good match of your horoscopes though both with poor net strengths. You will get along well together through thick and thin.

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