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Your knowledge on Astrology is a totally confused one. Your questions “accurate time of getting a senior level job. Kindly throw light on the nature of the job, industry and location of positing.” can never be predicted by Astrology unless of course the Astrologer is a bluff.

Just have a look at the strength of the planets and dispositions:

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 81.85 5.87 57.80 Malefic
Moon 89.22 41.52 49.53 Malefic
Mars 80.37 40.42 37.63 Benefic
Mercury 18.03 39.95 48.34 Malefic
Jupiter 64.62 57.18 35.34 Benefic
Venus 13.03 59.05 30.12 Benefic
Saturn 27.48 22.97 61.46 Malefic
Rahu 63.15 57.18 35.34 Benefic
Kethu 63.15 39.95 48.34 Malefic

Net 55.66

Your Career house(10th) lord Mercury has only 18.03% useful strength. Only Jupiter and Kethu placed in the 10th house has some substantial strength. And that will help you definitely in getting a job. The average strength of your 10th and 11th houses are

10 Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees 58.06
11 Gains, Returns from Career, Calf and ankles 49.78

which are not bad either.

So you should get a job of your liking by about the end of the first quarter of 2015. The nature of job could be anything related to significations of Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu which you can search on the net and there are ever so many possibilities.

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