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Reply To: Love convert to marriage?

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Navneet Khanna

In your 5th house which is the house of romance, you have 12th lord Mars conjoined with Ketu. 5th lord Mercury gets weak as it is posited in the 6th house. 8th lord Jupiter which is the functional Malefic in your horoscope aspects the 5th house. Presently you have Rahu and Mercury conjoined in the 5th house in Transit. Rahu in Transit in 5th house will create unwanted differences with love partner. Ego clashes and misunderstanding can be there. Mercury is the planet of speech and its conjunction with Rahu is not good, take care of what you speak as it may go against you. The period is especially not good till May 2015. It is quite likely that the period will give you unsatisfied results on this front.

Also your marriage front needs care. Therefore matching of the horoscopes should be done for marital bliss and happiness.


Navneet Khanna

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