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Obviously your field of expertise is biomedical sciences and you can only try for a job in a similar field or perhaps in mgt or admin related to an allied field of business. One does not have to look at your horoscope to give you this suggestion. Even if we look at your horoscope and find that you are good in Engineering Sciences with a strong Mercury, you will not get it just because your background is dissimilar.

Have a look at the residential strength of your planets.

Planet Residential
Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 74.12 14.78 81.66 Malefic
Moon 96.95 75.62 14.85 Benefic
Mars 89.04 59.20 15.68 Benefic
Mercury 25.02 58.92 40.65 Benefic
Jupiter 4.28 5.65 92.97 Malefic
Venus 31.87 63.88 29.75 Benefic
Saturn 16.98 51.90 18.30 Benefic
Rahu 29.06 63.88 29.75 Benefic
Kethu 29.06 59.20 15.68 Benefic

Net 44.04

You are now running Jupiter’s sub period in Moon’s main period and Jupiter is totally powerless and a highly malefic in your horoscope. You may have to wait at least till May 2015 for this sub period to be over. Even thereafter though the Saturn, Mercury and Kethu sub periods are not that potent, you might get some employment. However Mars Mahadasa starting 2021 will be highly beneficial to you.

Your career house has a potency of 71% which is very good but it will be a late starter by around your 36th age.

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