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Navneet Khanna

The Ashtkoot Kundli Milan score is as under
Koot Score you get Maximum Score
Varna 0——-1
Vashya 1——-2
Tara 1.5—–3
Yoni 2——-4
Grahamaitri 5——-5
Gana 6——-6
Bhakoot 7——-7
Nadi 0——-8 (Antya Nadi Dosha)

Total Score – 22.5 Guna match out of Total 36

As you can see above there is Antya Nadi Dosha. Nadi Dosha is related to progeny and happiness from Children. Nadi Dosha means that both horoscopes are not compatible on that front. Now we need to check if this dosha falls under Nadi Paad Vedha Chakra, that means that if the Nadi dosha is full or not. If it does not fall under the Nadi then certainly children will be there after remedies.

If you are interested you can go in for a detailed Horoscope Matching which will cover Nadi Paad Vedha Charka analysis for Nadi dosha along with complete Gun and Graha Milan report and tell you if this matching is recommended for a happy married life. The link is given for your reference.



Navneet Khanna

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