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Have a look at your planetary dispositions

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 55.93 37.45 41.48 Malefic
Moon 6.57 23.72 51.99 Malefic
Mars 61.73 37.27 39.72 Malefic
Mercury 68.95 73.78 18.69 Benefic
Jupiter 40.43 63.65 21.40 Benefic
Venus 69.51 34.65 47.84 Malefic
Saturn 20.99 31.10 55.26 Malefic
Rahu 78.85 73.78 18.69 Benefic
Kethu 78.85 63.65 21.40 Benefic

Net 53.53

You will note that except for Mercury and Jupiter all other planets are malefic and that could be the reason why your marital bliss is being delayed.

However your 7th house is quite strong with 63.3% and therefore marriage is inevitable. Your Moon’s period is now running till 2018 and Moon is a highly malefic planet with feeble residential strength which might be hampering your wishes to get married. Possibly when Mars Period starts, you might succeed in a happy matrimony.

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