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Your career house and returns therefrom are very weak with poor strengths in your horoscope and it is quite unlikely that you will get a good job either in govt. or in a private firm. Doing something on your own like agriculture etc. with your own hands will bring you relief.

Your career house has a strength of 29.91% and the 11th house has a strength of 27.62% both of which are below pass mark.

Your planetary dispositions are :
Planet Residential
Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 83.25 2.72 52.99 Malefic
Moon 29.62 13.48 62.99 Malefic
Mars 6.02 63.73 31.57 Benefic
Mercury 12.89 40.08 32.19 Benefic
Jupiter 56.38 21.15 64.88 Malefic
Venus 53.00 32.25 67.75 Malefic
Saturn 5.05 21.90 9.95 Benefic
Rahu 80.62 32.25 67.75 Malefic
Kethu 80.62 63.73 31.57 Benefic

Net 45.27

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