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Your net mean strength of the horoscope is only 38.64% and your marital house has a mean strength of 41% and therefore you cannot expect a highly successful marriage. Your planetary dispositions are :
Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 5.80 14.47 85.53 Malefic
Moon 87.53 18.13 52.09 Malefic
Mars 42.62 46.73 32.57 Benefic
Mercury 10.04 27.07 58.11 Malefic
Jupiter 98.39 78.33 15.85 Benefic
Venus 2.37 20.02 66.82 Malefic
Saturn 80.67 26.77 36.02 Malefic
Rahu 36.21 26.77 36.02 Malefic
Kethu 36.21 14.47 85.53 Malefic

Net 44.42

Sun, Mercury and Venus are highly malefic with a poor residential strength. Currently you are running Venus sub period in Juptier’s main period which is not very helpful in getting married. Thereafter Sun’s sub period is also not very good. So you can expect to get married by about end of 2016.

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