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Navneet Khanna

Not always Yoga that are in the horoscope give great results because of their bad placements and malefic influences of other planets on them, I have seen many times Good Yoga not doing much. In your horoscope 9th house lord Bhagesh or the lord of the bhagya stan Jupiter is combust . Jupiter is also the planet of wealth, fortune, wisdom and knowledge. It is a Satvik planet and brings Dev qualities in the native. Debilitated Jupiter is not good for father in your horoscope.

Also I have just checked that in your horoscope if you change your time of birth to 13:04 instead of 13:05 your Lagan changes to Pisces.

I dont know if you ever realized it. In that case debilitated Jupiter becomes worse as it is your Lagnesh or Ascendant lord.


Navneet Khanna

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