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Navneet Khanna

The Rahu Mahadasha seems to have been hard on you and you will enter the Jupiter Mahadasha from August 2015. As Jupiter Sagittarius sign is in the 8th house it is a functional malefic planet for you. Jupiter is also debilitated in the Navamsha chart. Being the Mahadasha of 8th lord, certainly health needs more attention, as Jupiter is the planet of expansion you need to check your weight and rise in weight seems likely. Keep a check on your liver and problems in the chest srea could be there.

I see what you say as bad time, with so many planets debilitated in the natal chart you surely must be in a stressed situation. In your horoscope Mars is debilitated, Venus and Sun in the 5 and 6th house respectively, Jupiter in Navamsha. DO remedies to reduce malefic influence.

Do Rahu Remedies and surely you will benefit.

1. Om Brim Rahave Namaha
2. Keep fast on Thursdays during the Mahadasha of Jupiter.


Navneet Khanna

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