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Look at your planetary dispositions which is not all that encouraging.

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 14.40 71.63 15.71 Benefic
Moon 45.74 55.80 25.95 Benefic
Mars 13.90 32.82 41.76 Malefic
Mercury 19.44 16.00 17.88 Malefic
Jupiter 32.61 15.73 71.91 Malefic
Venus 15.38 97.15 1.78 Benefic
Saturn 74.44 84.68 10.82 Benefic
Rahu 25.89 32.82 41.76 Malefic
Kethu 25.89 97.15 1.78 Benefic

Net 29.74

There is a very strong chance that you will get married to someone whom you know. All marriages are arranged ones, arranged by God. Others are a medium only.

Only Saturn is a strong benefic for you. Moon is also good but not very strong. All other planets are not very useful to you.

You will have to compromise a lot to make marriage a success.

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