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Navneet Khanna

The period from 28 March 2015 to 24 March 2016 is going to be very important on this front. Therefore you should put all your efforts to get the expected results. I will not be surprised is you get the desired results before July 2015 it self. Jupiter is posited in the Cancer and aspects the 7th house, you also have Saturn is Scorpio just entered on 2nd November 2014. Blessings of Saturn and Jupiter is very important for marriage. Yes Saturn can delay but it never denies, therefore it is already delayed and now is the appropriate time for it to deliver. You are in the main period of Mars and Saturn which are conflicting energies, I feel the period after March 2015 once this period is over will be very productive for you. Exact profession cannot be taken out from your horoscope, but from your horoscope it does indicate that your husband will be qualified and he could be either working at a bid position in job or doing his own work. As Leo Rashi is 10th from 7th house, the ruler is Sun. Therefore the native will either be a administrator, top manager or could be his own boss.


Navneet Khanna

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