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In fact Mars and Venus are posted in the Eighth house as per the Bhava chart. The planetary dispositions are

Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 32.69 51.98 35.91 Benefic
Moon 11.91 69.10 17.73 Benefic
Mars 29.69 70.52 19.62 Benefic
Mercury 21.09 19.83 80.17 Malefic
Jupiter 66.42 8.02 91.98 Malefic
Venus 28.37 88.72 3.34 Benefic
Saturn 88.31 73.67 17.10 Benefic
Rahu 48.05 70.52 19.62 Benefic
Kethu 48.05 88.72 3.34 Benefic

Net 41.62

Have a look at the residential strength of planets. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus has below average strengths. Jupiter though it is strong, is highly malefic. Saturn, Rahu and Kethu are the only good and strong planets in your horoscope. The net effect of all these are reflected in the following houses with a poor potency for the 2 houses 5th and 6th houses and an average strength for your 7th and 10th houses.

5 Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen – 38.62%
6 Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen – 38.62%
7 Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver – 47.72%

10 Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees – 47.01%

So the success factor of your marital house is 47.72% which is Ok, but not very bright. You could get married around the middle of 2015. Children’s house the fifth is not very strong too. There will be debts, diseases and enemies too. Abdominal pains also could be there.

All other houses are quite potent. Full details can be sent to you if you opt for a scientific evaluation of your horoscope through paid services.

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