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Reply To: Am I Going Through Markesh Dasha

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The planetary dispositions are :
Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

Sun 45.86 29.57 62.11 Malefic
Moon 54.88 83.50 3.88 Benefic
Mars 47.78 40.98 53.04 Malefic
Mercury 15.22 60.15 18.73 Benefic
Jupiter 10.84 21.30 45.48 Malefic
Venus 43.62 41.97 33.52 Benefic
Saturn 37.26 17.68 45.05 Malefic
Rahu 47.24 83.50 3.88 Benefic
Kethu 47.24 17.68 45.05 Malefic

Net 38.88

You are starting Venus Dasa from Dec 2014 for 20 years and Venus is a Benefic in your horoscope with 43.62% strength. You have nothing to worry about your life during this period.

However the net residential strength of all planets put together is rather weak with 38.88%. This is going to give you some problems in your 5th, 10th and 11th houses.

The above 3 houses has only less than 40% strength which is not very satisfactory for matters signified by these houses.

The only upay I can suggest is to pray to God with dedication. Perhaps you can recite Narayanakavacham daily 3 times.

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