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Reply To: Career, Job, MBA ?

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Saurabh Sharma

Thanks sir for resolving my query regarding markesh dasha,I also want to know about my career as at present I m very much depressed due to my career.

My details are as follows:
Name – Saurabh sharma
D.O.B – 24 September 1980
Time of Birth – 19:55 pm
Place of Birth – Bareilly(Uttar Pradesh)

I have done MBA and was working as Sales professional, but last year(Oct13) due to some unwanted situation I left the job since then I m trying a lot for job but not getting any job as per my experience and package,I have 8 yrs of experience also.
I have some queries. Please respond . I have been in lot of despair for the past 1.6 years.
1> when Will i get a job ?
2>what is the future aspects for me in terms of money,career,mental peace?
3>Also from next month onwards shukra mahadasha is coming in my life, what is the impact of the mahadahsa on me(benefic or malefic)?
4>If shukra mahadasha is benefic what type of benefits I will get during this mahadasha?
3>I am wearing Pukhraj and moti. are these stones correct for me or do I need to wear anything else also?

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