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in reference to your reply-
I guess mukund and me are brothers! we are born at almost the same time! 🙂 also we are in the same boat
date of birth 15-10-1990
time 11: 10 am
place- pune, india
I want to know if i will get married to my present gf.

In your horoscope, Aries sign is in the 5th house which is the house of romance, love and Mars is posited in 6th house and debilitated in Navamsha. Venus which is the planet for love and sex it also debilitated and combust. Chances of love marriage are not very strong in your chart.
Navneet Khanna

Thank you
but 3 years back when my parents consulted an astrologer, they said that ill have a love marriage only. are there even the slightest possibility ?

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