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Reply To: my marriage and career .. this year

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Navneet Khanna

Speaking about your career, you have Jupiter which is the lord of the 10th house conjoined with Moon which is the lord of the 2nd house, forming the auspicious Gaja Kesari Yoga. This Yoga will give you great achievement in your life and also give you luxuries and comforts. Sun is the karka for career / profession and sun is debilitated in your 5th house which is the house of intelligence. There are strong chances that you will eventually enter a line which is different from your education. Karka Sun in debilitation mean that there would be severe ups and down and you will be well settled after the 28th year of birth. Also you are in the mahadasha of Rahu, once this period is over in 2018, you will see improvement in your earning and career.


Navneet Khanna

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