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Reply To: Explain here NAVNEET JI…post lost…plzzzz

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Navneet Khanna

I’m not sure how that forum post simply vanished 🙁

Anyway what I mean to that is that if I remember correctly is that the difference between the two personalities is going to be huge and that is where you need to make sure that you do proper matching of the horoscope to make sure your planets and his planets match and are compatible. Horoscope matching is too vast a subject to fit in an astrology forum, however what is important is that you see that there is no Nadi, Bhakoot and Gana dosha when you do ashtkoot guna milan. Also get the Graha milan because many people ignore Graha milan due to calculations that are involed in it and are simply happy with the Guna milan, which is not complete horoscope matching.

I hope you understood now.


Navneet Khanna

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