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Ashtkoot Guna milan

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Navneet Khanna

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting the Astrology Forum

Regarding Mangal Dosha.

Please note that Kindly Check if your Boy friends time of Birth is correct. Because he is born on what is called a Zodiac Cusp. a difference of 2 minutes makes him manglik. So with the time of birth at 20:05 or 08:05 PM he is not manglik as Mars is in the 6th house of Natal and 11th house of Moon chart, but with the time of 20:03 or 8:03 He becomes a Manglik, with Mars in the 7th house from Natal chart.

In your Horoscope Mars is in the Lagan therefore you are manglik from Natal but not from Moon chart. Therefore you are what is called as Anshik Manglik or Partial manglik.

If the issue of time difference can be checked and if he is also manglik then the matching between your both horoscopes will be much better as both horoscopes will have Mangal dosha.

Regarding the Ashtkoot Guna milan the chart is as under:

Koot —- Score you get —– Maximum Score

Varna 1 out of 1
Vashya 1 out of 2
Tara 3 out of 3
Yoni 3 out of 4
Grahamaitri 4 out of 5
Gana 6 out of 6
Bhakoot 0 out of 7 (Dosha)
Nadi 0 out of 8 (Dosha)

The total Gun Milan score is 18 out of 36, which is minimum that is required for marriage. However you have 9-5 Bhakoot Dosha and Madhya Nadi Dosha.

You May read more about Nadi Dosha in the link below

Nadi dosha in Kundli Matching


Navneet Khanna

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