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Navneet Khanna

Looking at your horoscope in details,

Regarding your Job, Aquarius sign rules the 10th house , its lord Saturn is the Yogakarka planet in your horoscope and placed in its own sign in the bhagyastan. Sun the karka or significator for marriage is in debilitation in the lagna chart but exalted in Navamsa chart. You will enter the main period Mercury and sub period of Moon in December 2013. You can certainly expect a job going forward. Mars is debilitated in your horoscope, so you will lack the self confidence and in your abilities, but you can do wonders and you just need to take the initiative, As Saturn rules the 10th house , results on the career front will be slow but sure. As Saturn rules determination, sincerity and discipline you will gains will you follow those. Overall your career is good.

Debilitated Rahu is cojoined with 6th lord in the 7th house of marriage and married life. Chances of arrange marriage are much stronger and Matching of the horoscope should be done marital bliss and comforts.

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God Bless,

Navneet Khanna

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