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Dear sir,

Thanks for your reply.

As per your advice,definitely I will go for horoscope match before marriage and will do the remedies.

Will My horoscope tell what kind of Person will be my future spouse and something more about him. As the first marriage breaks out,Will the future marriage life will be peaceful.Can these things could be found by horoscope?

Currently I am doing the following remedies for the past 2 months which I’ve heard from some magazine.Can I continue these remedies,Will it help me for happy marriage life?

1. Fasting in Saturdays and sesame lamp before shani bagwan,ghee lamp before Hanuman,Ghee lamp before Ganesh.
2. Ghee lamp before Durga in the Rahu period(between 4.30 to 6pm) on sundays.

I read your articles and found it to be really useful. Pls.also bring ‘Horoscope Matching’ tag in your website,since I trust your readings.
Thank u sir

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