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Reply To: marriage problem /settlement abroad

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Navneet Khanna

Dear Mishab,

Moon in the 12th house of your lagan kundli indicates your strong desire to settle overseas. Saturn in the 7th house of marriage is likely to delay marriage. You entered the Venus antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha in May 2013. Venus is first of all a 8th house lord makigg it a functional malific and also forming a 2-12 relationship with Mercury which is the lord of 7th house of marriage and married life. Mercury is the intellect and Venus is love and relationship, it is quite likely that the present relationship would not satisfy your desired and you should move ahead. Waiting endlessly will only result in your marriage yoga finishing.

There is no doubt that yours is a foreign linked horoscope and you would be travelling many times overseas, however settlement seems to be difficult. Mars in the 7th house makes you mangalik, therefore you need to match your horoscope before you go for marriage.


Navneet Khanna

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