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26 year old and has nothing but debt and broken relationships

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    Hello everyone im very much distressed in my life and i need a little help if anyone can read my chart and help me please.
    Basically im 26 years now and so far i have had nothing to my credit. I have a job given by my parents but im in debt due to some reasons too. Im also suicidal right now because of the past things. So basically in 2014 i started dating and broke up on 2nd major fight in may 2014 but was i got fooled by what i saw and thought he hadnt moved on and now in november 2016 i realise he had moved on long back and went in major depression im still in it because im scared to move ahead in my life fearing i wont be successful as my sister has been . I also do not have a good relation with my sister because she is cunning and uses me and throws me away which she tried to do last september. I also am unable to make friends or keep up with them i guess becauee of my social anxiety which i believe had been there since thefirst time we moved our house and since then i have been having no friends and the other ones which i was able to make in the last few years were just colleague types you know the ones which dont last. Now this is the second time im in debt because of certain things i did to get my ex back and if this time my parents found out i will be out of house. Im also born with a rare genetic skin disease because of which my marriage seems next to impossible.

    What remedies should i do so that i too may become smart and clever and have a job on my own so i dont have to be afraid or dependant and even get married (my sister had a bf since 13 yr and got married in 2014 and she is also expecting now. Also the fact that she tried to use me once again in september scares me more since my father is financially stable and he wanted her to quit her job and im more scared that she would overpower me or rather she would be the only one to succeed on my dads business and ill be left like a dog to be feeded by her after my parents since my parents are in 60s.

    Dob is 19. 07. 1990
    Tob is 11. 00 am
    Place of birth is Mumbai

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    I think you should tell your father all your worries and get his counseling on this matter and do as he suggests and if you do not find relief, we can perhaps have a look at your horoscope evaluation. I think a visit to a clinical psychologist is what is required and perhaps your father will assist you.

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