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2nd marriage

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    Anyone pls tell my future?IS There 2nd marriage for me?dob-26/11/1983 time-10.30-11am place-karimnagar.pls astrologers pls any is there 2nd marriage for me?

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    Your marital life is below average and you could have multiple marriages even which will not give you happiness in almost all walks of life.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

    Sun 100.00 15.82 64.86 19.32 Malefic 80.68
    Moon 9.58 57.13 39.19 3.68 Benefic 9.23
    Mars 99.12 31.73 61.82 6.45 Malefic 92.73
    Mercury 2.80 48.80 48.70 2.50 Benefic 2.73
    Jupiter 4.02 14.93 82.36 2.70 Malefic 3.91
    Venus 2.61 8.67 53.26 38.07 Malefic 1.62
    Saturn 78.68 39.82 8.50 51.68 Benefic 38.02
    Rahu 20.70 8.67 53.26 38.07 Malefic 12.82
    Kethu 17.58 31.73 61.82 6.45 Malefic 16.44

    Net 38.54 28.59 52.64 18.77 Malefic 31.31

    You can see most of planets have a pretty poor strength except the Sun and Mars both of which will not help you in marital happiness. You will be successful in the Armed Forces and will shine there well.

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    Uma maheshwar sir When there is no divorce in my wife astrology how multiple marriages are possible to me sir.pls compare both of our birth details sir.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I studied your horoscope only to your previous question.
    I wrote that you got lot of negativity in your marriage house.
    I did not tell that you will get multiple marriages.

    I did not tell that your wife’s horoscope did not indicate
    divorce.I did not read your wife’s horoscope.

    No use of studying your horoscope again or your wife horoscope.
    Do penance sincerely for one or two years..The more the better.
    Read more books on spirituality and practice of deekshas.
    Prime Minister Modi practised fasting for one day in a week initially.
    Now he is fasting for two days in a week,for the last 30 years.
    Similarly Morarji desai also practised fasting for 50 years.He
    became prime minister at the age of 83.
    So,start penance sincerely.You may become great like them
    in 10 or 15years.

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      Sir why you are not saying is there 2nd marriage to me or not straight forwardly i dont know.i just want to know is there union with wife ori get divorce and get 2nd marriage to me?pls if possible pls tell me straightly and guide me. guide me.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Bhoopathi
    The time of birth is not accurate in your case. You are giving as 10.30 to 11. Hence I have already mentioned in my another mail, that it is difficult for any astrologer to give predictions that are applying to you. They have to verify the correctness with your past events. It is difficult on this forum to correct your chart without knowing your life events and time consuming.
    If you love your wife so much, you have to feel happy when there is no second marriage in her chart.
    Even if you have an urge to know, it can be answered in KP Horary analysis. Please give a number between 1 and 249 (both numbers inclusive and not a lucky number).

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    Thanks for ur concern sir.184 the number you asked.someone in the site said i have multiple marrige sir u said my wife has no divorce or 2nd marrige i was confused sir.ols i know u says honestly whatever the answer is.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Bhoopathi
    I cast the chart for No.184. It is clear that you do not have second marriage and it seems you yourself are trying to get seperation from her.

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    Dear Bhoopthi,

    For the given time frame, it shows that You shall not have a divorce or 2nd marriage.But, Jupiter’s And Rahu’s condition and few planetary placement shows that probably You are running after a MArried lady or trying for an Extra marital relationship, that is why You are asking this question.

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