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A question about astrology

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    I would like to start out by saying that this website has been a great resource to me while I am trying to learn about astrology. It is very much appreciated.

    A question that has caused some confusion and I would like to ask:
    The debate of free will and predetermined destiny is one that can go on forever. There are many many different opinions, many based on individual religions.
    In your experience as astrologers, do you have an opinion on the matter? Is it one or other, or perhaps somewhere in the middle?

    As an example:
    I see many people on this site ask when they will get married. Many are given time periods or “windows” of opportune times. I have seen a few been told that they have missed the “windows”. This confuses me. If the chart is showing that something will happen, can the individual do something to prevent the event from happening? Will the event that the chart is showing be prevented or delayed based on that individual’s actions or lack of actions?

    Is astrology best used as a guide or, in your experience, can the charts truly show you what will ultimately happen, despite the individuals actions?

    I hope i am explaining my question properly. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    You will get a good idea about the scope of astrology if you read my blog and still if you have any doubts you can email me.

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    Funny question. If you use logic, answer obviously lies in the middle. Life provides opportunities and platforms but the height to which an individual rises is determined to big extent via individual’s efforts + luck obviously as most successful people acknowledge (if there was no luck, all equally hardworking people will be successful which is not the case)

    The family in which we are born and the physical disabilities (by birth) are pre-determined as we don’t have control over it (consciously). How we make best use of environment and progress further in life obviously has an element of free-will.

    Otherwise try an alternate experiment which some people have tried: find a good period in your horoscope. Quit everything and sit at home as its your good period, so things should come automatically. The answer should become visible pretty soon.

    Using astrology or pre-determined destiny as an excuse to not be pro-active/take ownership of outcomes in life is highly unfortunate.
    Astrologer Deepak

    P.S. in some states in India child marriage still happen. Is it because only girls in those states have marriage combinations before age of 18 in their horoscopes and other don’t? Society, surroundings, culture and free-will determines outcome as even those staying in cities may have marriage yogas before age of 24 but its uncommon to do child marriages in cities/well educated families. Same holds true for child birth where menstrual cycle is natural process and people do family planning vs relying on god to do it for them.

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    The definition of marriage is “Union of body, mind and soul” and the rituals associated with marriage is what is normally understood as getting married by the common people. Child marriages are not real marriages unless they had the union as defined above. Most of the questions on this topic is without really understanding the definitions of various terms in astrology. So is the usage of the word ‘foreign settlement”. Astrology does not endorse countries which are man made and the whole globe is treated as one unit(Earth) for settlement. Similarly remedies by manthra, tantra or yanthras are all meaningless and astrologers use it for making profit.

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    Union of mind/body/soul can happen without marriage or at a later point in marriage (if its arranged one).

    Point is that common sense is quiet uncommon these days (especially in non scientific or superstition laden astrology approach) and astrology is being abused as an excuse for failure to do our own karma or improve ourselves by querents.

    Agree with you on all bull-shit with remedies and corresponding profit making nexus.
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Marriage has taken place only when there is the union of body, mind and soul which can happen without any separate marriage function having been arranged which is called Gandharva Vivaham. Marriage functions these days are for legalising the marriage and for the knowledge of others failing which there will be tendencies for polygamy becoming popular.

    Regarding Karma, one has to do it whether he likes it or not. We are living in Karmakanda and that is why we cannot sit idle for more than a few moments. Yes the lazy ones do attribute it to Astrology to safeguard oneself in front of others.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Your question is an omnibus question,covering various aspects.
    The essence of your question is that if it is written
    in chart that marriage will be performed at a future date,
    what is the necessity for the individual to do penance,deity worship
    and charity.
    Your question also includes that when the marriage is not written
    in the chart,what is the necessity for individual to undergo ordeals
    like fasting for one in a week,or avoiding milk products etc for one or
    more years.
    It is very difficult to answer in 5 or 10 lines.Even I write,
    you cant understand.
    So,go on reading answers for one or two years ,you will slowly
    understand the spirit of astrology.

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    Dear Shailly Ji,

    What I feel, Astrology is for Planning our future ahead and it shall be used as a guiding tool. Nothing is fixed. Yes, You need to take action. But, sometimes, it is quite tough to answer. Like I saw few who are not getting married or not getting job due to some disease. Although planets related to Job and Marriage and moreover, time running is also good. So, very bad health issues can create obstacles, and Astrology has very little measurements to modify all these disease. And, for simply a disease, someone is not getting married even if he/she is under opportunity time to marry. So, there is something which we can not control. I saw few person seeking for Partner, but not getting anyone because of high expectation. So, both this cases are of two types. One is unable to marry and another one is not getting married willingly. According to me, Destiny is Pre-fixed(as we all know), but, Yes, You need to apply free will to get what is there in store for You.

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    Thank you, this is helpful

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