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About bhatuka dosh. We don't have kids..not financial settle and staying separat

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    My name is Daksha .. My dob is 6.02.1984 and 8’30p.m and Mumbai born. My husband name is Nishant. Dob is 05.03.1983 and time 3.35a.m. Birth Place jamnagar gujarat.
    We have bhatuka dosh. We don’t have kids and not financial stable and now staying separate due to work. What is remedy for bhatuka dosh.
    Please help.

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    Hi Daksha (Nice Name)

    Before observing the bathuka/Bhakoot dosha in Marriage lets see you personal horoscopes.

    You are born in Leo ascendant, for leo
    1.The 7th house and 6th house owner is Saturn, That’s it problem started here from Saturn
    2.Saturn is exalted in natal but? debilitated in Navamsa!
    3.Debilitated Saturn is in 7th house in Navamsa, 7th house in Navamsa is very important
    4. Saturn has 95% aspect on Venus(3rd aspect) in Natal.
    5. Saturn has 73% aspect on Venus in Navamasa, Right now you are in Venus maha dasa!

    Please do wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha, Yes women can wear rudraksha and Don’t put any stones for pacifying Saturn, it will bring negative results

    Putra karak is Jupiter which is also 5th lord and He is exalted in navamasa and placed in own sign in Natal.

    Functional putra karak for you is Rahu and its anthar dasa is in 2019 so there is a chance for child birth in 2019-2022.

    Nishant’s Horoscope analysis

    He has rahu in 7th house, so problems in marriage life!

    Coincidentally, For him Retrograde Saturn is exalted in 11th house of Happiness and Profits but retrograde!

    1.This Saturn which is functional putra karaka for him is aspecting the 5th house
    2.Saturn is placed in 5th and own house in Navamsa
    3.Saturn dasa starts form 2018 July and ends at 2021 April. In between this period child birth is there

    He should wear Neelamani 4 +carat to right hand Middle finger and 7 mukhi rudraksha too.

    There is so much analysis, it takes so much time to Explain.


    1.Both of you Wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha for martial happiness, sade sati(your husband’s) , Financial Stability, begetting child
    2.Both of you Wear 2 mukhi Rudraksha For Martial Happiness and begetting child and Money. Moon is debilitated for your husband and in your navamsa. husband should wear Neelamani Stone
    4.Go to Lord Shaneeswar temple on Saturday and do sesame oil abhishekam to lord.
    5.Both of you should recite rahu beeja matra for children(in your horoscope), Relation problem (Nishanth’s Horoscope) 108 times every day or Do 9 pradashanas for navagraha’s reciting rahu mantra on every Saturday.

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