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about career

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    Tek Bahadur Thapa

    Hello sir ,

    I would like to ask about my career . Financial condition in family is not good .Please advise me on my health.
    My details :
    DOB : 22 November 1989
    TOB : 5:30 AM
    Place : Binnaguri , West Bengal , India


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    Have a look at the following :

    Planet Res.
    Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 53.73 15.77 73.97 Malefic
    Moon 80.75 37.97 62.03 Malefic
    Mars 28.47 22.45 47.19 Malefic
    Mercury 11.15 34.07 53.47 Malefic
    Jupiter 14.66 85.43 13.33 Benefic
    Venus 55.14 57.53 29.89 Benefic
    Saturn 22.99 39.68 39.81 Malefic
    Rahu 85.69 39.68 39.81 Malefic
    Kethu 85.69 37.97 62.03 Malefic

    Net 48.70

    Most of the planets except Jupiter and Venus are malefics (planets more inclined to do harm than good).

    Your career house has a potency of only 39.84% strength while overall health and personality has a strength 55.33%.

    You can look forward to some improvement from 2016 onwards.

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    Tek Bahadur Thapa

    Sir , what should I do to improve my planets ? Please give me some tips.

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    I do not think remedies are of any help. Pray to God with devotion and sincerity. He can definitely help you and He is the only one who can help you. Read my articles on “Are there any remedies in Astrology”

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    Tek Bahadur Thapa

    Sorry Sir , there is a change in my “Birth Time” , it is actually “5:15 AM” . I apolozise for providing wrong detail .But if you don’t mind, would you please give me answer with this new detail that I have provided. I will be very thankful to you .

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    You can come through Paid services which will give you the complete revised calculations and evaluations. Use the link after reading my blog.

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    (I’ve had some jobs but none was long lasting) what will I work ? will I ever have a job that fulfill me ? will I have to wait long time IF I will have one ?
    thank you sir

    birth 8/8/1982
    time: 00:05 am
    place: Pedro Juan Caballero
    country: Paraguay

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