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About Inter Caste marriage

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    Namah Shivaaya,
    I’m Vivek & i want to know what kind of marriage am i blessed with. I born with moon in Pushya pada 1, Dhanur lagnam & the grahas posited over here are Brihaspati & Surya.
    In Navamsha chart Rahu is in Kanya lagnam.
    My DoB: January 7 th 1996
    Time of birth : 6:33 A.M.
    Place of birth : Warangal. Andhra Pradesh
    Madam i’ll be awaiting with your fruitful reply.

    Thank you

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    There are no Madam astrologers advising on this site.

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    To answer your question, you started Mahadasha of Mercury from 2012 and although you should be focusing on career now, Mercury as 7th lord placed in lagna in chalit inclines you to seek a partner. Seems like you are involved with somone from Mer-Ven period onwards i.e. 13/12/2015. Conjunction of 5th lord Mars with 7th lord Mercury in 2nd house shows love marriage and aspect of Rahu over them increases chances of person being out of caste.

    Chances of you doing/working in family business is high and for marriage time is ripe from Mer-Sun period start (13/10/2018).

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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      It’s my pleasure to see a reply from you Deepak sir, i just want to know about Chalit chart as you said that my 7 th lord is in lagnam in Chalit chart.
      Actually i got interested in Vedic Astrology (Jyotishyam), it would be pleasure if you could suggest me how to approach it. To see Love marriage yoga only I’ve started learning it. This gave me a lesson that I’ve to understand Astrology from the basics.

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    Sorry TMR sir, it was a mistake, kindly forgive me.

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    Is it a gud match?
    Boy: 16-sep-1991, 6:52 PM, Gudur(andhra Pradesh)
    Girl: 3-Apr-1991, 10:25 AM, Agra(UP)

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