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About my daughter

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    Gayatri gupta

    Hello sir…i hope you are doing well

    below are the date and time of girl and a boy.
    girl : neha1may1993. time 2.45pm,new delhi
    boy : puneet,16aug1988 time delhi

    Please give me a suggestion that marriage is preferrable or not and most important will marriage take place??

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    What is important? Somehow or other the marriage should take place or the marriage is compatible. If you need a compatibility report please come through a Paid consultation after reading my blog

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    Gayatri gupta

    According to an astrologer both are manglik and there are only 15 gunas are matching thats why want to know will marriage take place or not ?? Thank u

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    You can ask your questions to that ‘an astrologer’ whom you are referring to. We have different methods of evaluating horoscopes details of which are there in my blog and come through Paid Consultation.

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