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About my Son\\\'s Future and when will he marry

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    My son, Aalap was born on November 27, 1984 at 10.20AM (New York time) in Syracuse, New York.

    May I know when will he get married?
    Does he has any Doshas?

    how is his career and future?

    Will he marry an Indian girl?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    hELLO Madam,
    Your son’s lagna is Dhanur.
    Good points
    1.Guru in lagna,which gives rise to
    Mahapurusha yoga.
    2.Kuja is exalted in second house.Excellent

    First point is spoiled as Sani is seeing Guru.
    Sani is also seeing Sukra.
    Sani’s looks on Sukra create anxieties in regard
    to marriage.
    You and your son ,have to compromise and come
    down drastically about your expectations of
    Your son’s Kuja is excellent.Such people
    never go for compromise.
    Sani seeing his lagna means that there is
    strong negative influence being carried
    from previous birth.
    BOth of you ,should do penance for one year,
    to reduce the negative influence of Sani.

    Further there are two planets in 12th house.
    It strongly indicates bad luck.
    Both of you read yoga literature and follow
    some asanas and pranayama.
    Practise fasting for one day in a week,for one year.
    On the day of fasting,you can eat uncooked vegetables.

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    He has too good a potency for his marital house and this could sometimes indicate multiple marriages in unison. Please read my blog and you will get a better idea of how to evaluate a horoscope. His career house though quite good will not produce the gains in proportion.

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    Your son is a Sagittarius ascendant and Capricorn moon-sign.
    In his horoscope the 7th cuspal sublord in Saturn naturally indicating a delay n marriage and a more mature spouse.His Venus is hemmed between malefics and is aspected by Saturn so there will obviously be hurdles in getting married.In his horoscope his darakaraka is Mercury and is placed in Taurus in Navamsa chart so during the Taurus chara dasha from 27/05/2019-28/11/2019 it will be a very strong period for marriage.Also his spouse could be a foreigner.

    There will be lots of foreign travel during the dasha and his carrer will be excellent becasue his Jupiter is placed in Purvashada nakshatra and chara dasha of Cancer will be and Atmakaraka in dasamsa chart is placed in the ascendant in Cancer so his career will be great.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    This chart is very strong for romantic unions (seems like he has been involved in the past few times as well). He will start Jupiter mahadasha from 10/11/2018 (placed in nakshatra of Venus with Jupiter as sublord) and Jupiter + Venus are placed in close conjunction in 12th house in Chalit (shows start of a new union).

    Formalization of union into legal marriage has low probability and small chance exists in Jupiter-Mercury period from 12/7/2023-17/10/2025.

    There is nothing to worry on career front and he will do well.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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