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Advice needed.

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    Here are my birth details

    DOB: 14 Jan 1996
    Time of birth : 1:45 am
    DST: NO
    Place of birth: Karachi, Pakistan

    Hi all i’m new here… Please tell me what are my qualities and what career should i take that would make my soul satisfied… What skills i have and how can i use my skills to prosper and one more thing .. Are there any chances of foreign study and settlement.?


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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope we see that your Lagan is Libra and your Rashi is Virgo. Being a native under strong influence of Venus, you will be highly creative and multi talented person. As Mercury is the Rashi lord you will have a very logical mind and strong memory. You will try to find the reason behind everything you do. You will have a very strong grasping power and you will learn more by observing others. Moon is the lord of the 10th house which is the house of career. Moon is posited in the 12th house which is the house of foreign settlement. Therefore you will have a very string inclination of living away from your place of birth and chances are very much there that you will go abroad as Moon is conjoined with Rahu in the 12th house, However settlement will not be easy as Rahu in the 12th house can indicate problems. Therefore whenever you go do not try to take anything in your hand or do anything that can get you into problems. Rahu in the 12th house can give you legal complications in life.


    Navneet Khanna

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