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Advice on Marriage purpose

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    ear Guru ji,


    Its been a while I am trying to kind right match for myself and (seems) ending up at wrong place .
    Please suggest the solution.

    Name: Prerna
    DOB: 8th may 1987
    time of birth: 12:45 PM
    Place: Shimla (HP)

    Thanks in advance.


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    The weakest house in your horoscope is your marital house, the 7th one and that is what is being reflected in life. Unless you get a very good matching horoscope, life will be more than miserable. If you are interested, Read my blog

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Simha.
    Lagna contains moon..Good
    Fourth house contains Sani.Average.
    Eighth house contains-Guru,Rahu and Sukra.
    Sukra +Rahu is very bad for marriage.
    You got Kuja in 10th house.It is raja yoga.
    It is not your fault that your selection of
    groom,always goes wrong.
    You have to do penance for one year.

    1.You can do fasting for one day in a week,for 6months
    or one year.ON the day of fasting,you can eat uncooked
    vegetables.This ,you have to do for 2months.
    After 2 months,you can drink diluted lemon juice with
    honey,on the day of fasting.On that day,you can drink
    diluted lemon juice 10 or 12 times.
    2.Avoiding animal products is called Veganism.
    In this type of penance,you have to avoid milk products,
    and nonveg for 6months.You can eat routine
    meals and tiffins.In addition to those things,you have to
    eat everyday 150 gms of uncooked vegetables.
    Read the book -Heal yourself 101-Markus Rothkranz.
    Get the book from Flipkart.
    3.In summer,you have to take daily 4 cold water baths.
    Water contains divinity.
    4.You can do SEX once in 2months.Brahmacharya is must
    to reduce negativity in horoscope.
    5.Feed animals and birds.–
    6.You take two litre bottle which is transparent.
    When water is filled,you should be able to see water
    inside.Keep the water bottle in sunlight for 2hours and
    bring it into house and allow it to cool.Then drink the
    water in one day.This is called solar water therapy

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    thank you for the advice.

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