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Akashastro Sir help

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    Sir when will be have child Is santan sukh there or denied

    15.03.1990, 11.50 a.m, agra
    hubby 05.10.1986, 11.55 am, agra
    marriage date 28.11.2013

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Negativity is there in horoscope.
    Both of you,have to follow the following method for 3 or 4months.
    One method of penance is sitting in a tub filled with
    cold water ,until the level of your navel.
    In ancient times,saints used to stand in water lake upto
    a waist level.
    Such a penance is simplified,by sitting in a tube.
    Purchase a plastic tub with a diameter of 3feet and height
    of seven inches.
    It will cost rs 400. You have to sit in the tub with cold water,
    but keep the feet outside the tub.
    Daily you can sit in tub water for 10 mins or 15 mins.
    It will raise kundalini and remove your sins of past life.
    It should be done for 3monts ,every two days.

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    Akashastro Sir

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    Don’t worry you will have a child in mid 2019 🙂

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    any remedy to be done Sir

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