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Am I a poser if I say im a scorpio

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    I’ve always felt unrelated to my sun moon and rising. I’ve found I have a hades moon and a moon in the eight house. I also have a Scorpio stellium. Scorpio is my dom sign at 21% and Pluto is Munich dom planet at 10.5. My dom modality is fixed, and my dom element is water. However would saying I am a Scorpio make me a fraud?
    Sag sun 10
    Sag rising 7
    Sag Juno 11
    Cap Neptune 8
    Cap south node 9
    Cap Uranus 19
    Cap mars 29
    Aries Jupiter 0
    Aries PoF 2
    Aries sat 15
    Cancer N node 9
    Cancer vertex 17
    Cancer Pallas 20
    Leo moon 16
    Virgo ceres 8
    Libra MC
    Scorp Venus 0
    Scorp vesta 6
    Scorp Chiron 16
    Scorp Pluto 16
    Scorp Black moon 19
    Scorp Lilith ast. 28
    Scorp Mercury 29
    Moon Square Pluto
    Moon in 8th house
    This is my sidereal/vedic chart

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    We can only answer questions using Vedic Astrology and what data given you are possibly based on Western Astrology. Give your date, time and place of birth accurately for a possible reply.

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    Like I said I use sidereal astrology which aligns with Vedic dates. 12/27/1999 (December 27th 1999).

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    7:23 am

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    I have sent you email as an answer to your question since I cannot post it due to formatting problems on the site.

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