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An actual experiencee guidance

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    I am worried coz of child issue being married for three and half years earlier was not planning but later could not plan thus a worry is always on my mind regarding the same.

    10-15 days back morning while I was praying i humbly requested God to guide me in this respect(as I am a firm believer of GOD and trust that he will give me whatever I want). The very same day(evening) I was sitting with one of my friend(who is sometime possessed by Goddess Kali) it was saptmi and around 6.30 p.m with the same worries in my mind though tongue was saying something else all of a sudden she was possessed by Goddess without any meditation, we were talking and all of a sudden goddess appeared blessed me and went. I was afraid as I had never experienced something like this rather when my friend told me at the back of my mind i thought she was just kidding.

    That day even she was surprised that why all of a sudden goddess appeared.

    What was she trying to tell me.

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    There are very many such experiences like what you described happening throughout the world. But none believes them nor attribute anything divine with such actions or speeches. A clinical psychologist will be able to explain to you why or what is the reason behind such strange occurrences.

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    Seek a psychologist help as Mr. TMR mentioned. God helps those who help themselves.

    If your visualization is real and not day-dreaming, then feel glad that you got the darshan and do your karma.

    Astrologer Deepak

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