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Analysis for Child

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    Hello astrologer,
    Many astrologers have told us that we will not have a child…..mkindly analyse our chart and tell us the truth, do we have a child in our charts , when can we have a child? My details are
    Date 20 august 1990
    Time 10.16 am
    Place uttarakhand
    My husband details are
    Date 19 november 1988
    Time 12.05 am
    Place bihar

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    You can hope to have your child towards end 2018 assuming you were born in Dehradun.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    I am reading the horoscope of female.
    Your lagna is Tula.
    Fifth house stands for children.
    Sani and Ravi are seeing fifth house.
    There may be some health problems related
    to stomach and private parts.
    Better to follow holistic healing method
    for 3 or 4months.
    You are presently running Sukra dasa upto
    2018.This period is favourable for getting a

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    Sir is there really any such problem in our kundlis because of which we will not have happiness of child or we have a child innour kundlis

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    We will look into it in detail after 2018 if necessary.

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    Sir i am pregnant….. Its my first month….. Can u please tell me any precaution which i need to take during this period
    My details are
    Date 20 august 1990
    Time is 10.16 am
    Place is dehradun
    I might have concieved around 6th or 7 th september

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    please reply to my query

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    Be happy and do not worry about anything. You will have a comfortable delivery and the baby also will be quite healthy.

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