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Aries – A inocent child

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    Story of Aries lore
    Acoding to Greek mythology, Athamas, emperor of Beotie
    kingdom and the first his wife, is Nephele, they had got two child, one boy, one girl, name of their son is Phrixus and daughter is Helle. Until Athamas dislikes his first wife anymore, Athamas kicks his wife- Nephele away and then he married to Ino- she is daughter of Thebes Emperor.
    When becoming Athamas’s wife and she was being pregnant, Ino always hates children of Nephele and Athamas. She seeks many ways to your son becomes emperor. She ordered many women on kingdom roast corn before putting in soil to be not grown up because of corn which is important food at kingdom on time. Jus in time, to manage Prophets to them eccept that origin of disaster cause by children of Nephele. Although he loves them, he takes children to immolate for holy because of Beotie’s citizen. Nephele knew that she asked one person pretend to be a sheep with hair made of gold, his name is Aries came in and protected children. On time, taking place. Aries asked Phrixus and Helle sit on his back and running away. Unfortunately, Helle was falled down, she died when they run across the sea. Phrixus survived then king and queen of Aietes hold him as godchild. To thank Zeus, Phrixus dedicated a sheep and hang leather at important place which dragon without sleeping keeps up.

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